• R43, Robert Stanford Estate, Stanford, 7210
  • 076 320 3092; gigi.gigi@mweb.co.za
  • www.fynbosdistillery.co.za;  -34.427335 S 19.462507 E

The Fynbos Distillery, located at the Sir Robert Stanford Estate, is found further along the sand pathway from the Royal Oak restaurant.

The distillery is owner operated. Our products are bottled and labelled by hand and only by skilled women. We offer an innovative product range and personal attention from fermentation to bottling.
We accept bookings and walk-ins. A booking however give us a chance to make the experience even more memorable.
Choose from a package, or individual tastings:

A discount will be given or tastings will be free, dependant on the amount of bottles purchased.

We have the privilege or working with an old copper kettle, on the Sir Robert Stanford Estate, which has over 100 years of history behind it. We have lovingly restored the distillery and use the copper kettle to produce our Husk Spirit range. Along with the old, we are also using a modern stainless steel still, which allows tourists to witness the difference between the modern and old processes.
We have natural product aged in oak barrels, distilled in small batches, no more than 800L in a batch.
We welcome you to come and experience the charm of Stanford, the history of the estate and the varied flavours of our products.