• Contact Person: Jason
  • Contact Number: 028 381 9080
  • E-mail Address: stonehewerj@gmail.com
  • Address: Church Street, Pearly Beach, 7210

The Fynbos Centre are located in Church Street, right next to The Fynbos Garden. Here you can sharpen your knowledge on the fauna and flora of the area. This is a little space packed with all you need to know, you can even see some specimens of the Fynbos on display here. Feel free to pop in and see what this magnificent place have to offer, it is open to the public on a daily basis. While you are sharpening all your Fauna and Flora knowledge at the centre, you can visit the Herbarium, Whale Monument, most beautiful sandy beaches, stroll along the beach, take a guided hike all of this in the peaceful little town of Pearly Beach – a hidden gem, come and find out why!