While June storm clouds brewed outside, the merry tones of the xylophone and drums could be heard wafting up the tourism office stairs and out into the Main street of Gansbaai.

Inside,  the Gansbaai Academia Marimba band was in full action, with its members beating away with smiles to match. The merry tunes were so colourful, you could be forgiven for thinking it was a spectacular sunny African day.

Over 60 people joined the fundraiser and walk, which raised over ZAR 4000. This donation was used toward their expenses of the tour to Johannesburg over the past weekend where they won first category at the International Marimba and Steelpan Festival.

After a excellent performance, everyone was invited to throw on their cool weather clothes, and venture out for a group walk, before the storm hit.

Despite for boding weather, the group had an excellent stroll down the the fresh water fountain at Gansbaai Harbour.  Along the way, old friends caught up for a chat, and new friends were made.

The group was powered by hot soup and coffee sponsored by Gansbaai Super SPAR.

We are looking forward to the next great group event in August!