PART OF THE GANSBAAI MTB RACE ROUTE HAS BEEN OPENED TO THE PUBLIC! The section from De Uijlenes over Flowervalley up to Helderfontein has been marked and will only be rideable if you have a valid permit as the route crosses various private farms and conservancies. Permits will be available from a number of outlets, including Saxon Lodge, Gansbaai Info and De Uijlenes. Permits cost R40 and the moneys raised will go back into the trails. Please visit us for any further updates or news!

The blue route (from Gansbaai Info about 25km)

From Gansbaai you ride along the tar road to either Franskraal or to Uilenskraal resort (includes a short section along the beach). From here you follow the markings along the coast to Kleinbaai, where you will cross the grassy area next to the tidal pool to get to the 4X4 track along the coast. After about 2.5km you can either keep left along a very up and down sandy road, or keep right and join the tar road to the lighthouse.

The red route (from Gansbaai Info about 85km)

The red route follows the B’bos road over Sopieshoogte, turns left onto the gravel road past the Kraaibosch dam to Papiesvlei and over Nuwepos to B’bos and back to Sopieshoogte. The total elevation is roughly 1200m, with the nuwepos climb at the 40km the longest.

The black route (from de uijlenes about 30km)

This is the toughy, and you have to be fit as well as technically able to ride steep rocky descents and tight switchbacks. The route has fun single track sections.


You need to have good riding skills to be able to enjoy this route. It has stunning views, very tough climbs with exhilarating, fast technical descents. From De Uijlenes you have a warm up session before you reach Flowervalley and the first up. The first climb is short and you have some lovely views over the dam before you start the first proper climb. The first bit is jeep track, then a brief down before you start the single track. The switchbacks are tight but doable. After you have joined the jeeptrack again you have a very steep climb with a sharp descent and even sharper right turn (R), don’t be caught out here!

At the neck (1) you will start the first descent, fairly smooth but don’t be caught out by the occasional off camber. You will then have a brief climb before the next descent to the stream crossing, this is steeper and very rocky (2). The next climb is slightly longer with a single track section, but the next downhill is worth it! After the jeep track section you join the single track (3), and here we have added 4 small jumps and a rock berm for those with a sense of adventure!

After the dam the real climbing begins, very steep and long. There are bits of respite, but generally you just keep at it all the way to the beacon! (4) The beacon is a few meters from the track, but worth the stop as you have views to Stanford, as well as over to Pearly Beach. The downhill here is on a jeep track, very fast with off camber sections as well as a gate that is always closed! The way back is along an undulating gravel road to reflect on the ride!