Paradise away from paradise is one way of describing this Natural Adventure Destination.

Living in Gansbaai is far more to a local, than the occasional fishy smell, a stopover, loads of activities and beauty as far as the eye can see.

To a local it is a way of living, happiness, serenity and tranquillity in the purest form and making ends meet on a daily basis, but with a difference.

Getting about is simple and quick, not hours…….. On the way to anywhere in the Gansbai area, literally just around the corner, I can experience exceptional feelings of sea on the skin, sand beneath my feet, fynbos to the touch and crisp clear air tingling my nose. I open my eyes and take in the magnificent views, mountain ranges, never ending coastlines, great expansions of ocean and breathtaking sunsets. With every turn I observe warming smiles, welcoming greetings and caring looks. I often just stand silently and hear wave’s breaking on rocks, the crickets, toads and birds singing their songs and the local hourlong quick “how are you”. The aroma of hard work emerging from the fish factory, the sea a smell never to be tamed and all along the main road “ouma se gebak” fills my nose. Satisfying my taste buds with exceptional flavours of local cuisine, fine dining and seafood; to be sure that a craving for more would soon arise. All this is just an ordinary day.

Needles to say even a local cannot truly describe Gansbaai, so come to Gansbaai with different eyes and view the extraordinary – through the eyes of a local.