• Flower Valley Farm, Gansbaai, 7220
  • 028 388 0713, visit@flowervalley.co.za
  • www.flowervalley.org.za, – 34° 33′ 3.3834 S 19° 28′ 11.9274 E

The Cape Floral Kingdom faces many threats. Invasive alien vegetation, poor land management, over-harvesting – these are some of the threats to our fynbos heritage. So Flower Valley Conservation Trust works to protect our fynbos landscapes. The Trust is the only programme in the world promoting the sustainable harvesting of wild fynbos through an assurance programme.

How does the Trust achieve fynbos conservation? By working with fynbos suppliers and others in the fynbos supply chain, to support and promote sustainable and ethical practices. And by facilitating a major invasive alien clearing programme, clearing invasive plants out of natural veld, creating hundreds of jobs in the process.

Flower Valley also encourages environmental awareness from a young age, and so coordinates an Early Childhood Development Programme across the Gansbaai region. Five schools receive support to provide a holistic education to young pre-school children. And a home-based care programme helps to give vital skills to parents to help develop their children.