Gansbaai Tourism is always looking for new and exciting activities and so it was decided to try a CROPPED competition as part of the Fynbos Display during the Funky Fynbos Festival.

Five excited and expectant persons turned up at the venue on the 25th of September. The rules were explained – from the selection of items provided (although some brought their own as well) they were to create a fynbos arrangement in 30 minutes. Ready, steady go and amidst lots of laughter and comments they started their arrangements. Members of the audience watched – not always quietly and the judges kept a beady eye on proceedings.  In record time all were complete. Each contestant was asked to name their arrangement and say where it would be used. A couple of very interesting and innovative answers were received – “this one is so small it can only be used in the bedroom”;  Duinefontein arrangement for a wedding! “Gumboot dancing” – no idea where it should be used!

The judges deliberated and came up with the winners. Angel Caie was the winner of R500  with her Gumboot dancing.  Sylvie Agenbach received second prize of R250 for her depiction of the  Duinefontein mountain and . Ally Msweli went home third prize of R150 for his bedroom arrangement. Michelle Kemp – won a voucher sponsored by Walker Bay  Nursery in Hermanus for –“most creative”


Great fun was had by all and the wish was expressed that it become an annual or even bi-annual institution!