• Address: 10 Haarlemstreet, De Kelders, South Africa, 7220
  • Tel: 028 384 1136

It is now January 2012 and when my wife, Marie and I went on pension seven years ago, she got her chance to live out her dream world. She was born and bred on a farm and scratching in the soil, flowers, vegetation and anything aquanted with this seems to come natural to her. While I decided to concentrate on fishing she got stuck into the aspect of gardening. The ground presented a problem though as the area is rather rocky, with the minimum of soil coverage. It also sloped steeply away from the house. She cunningly used what seemed to be a problem, to her advantage. I had to forfeit some of my fishing time to cart in more than ten tons of good soil in order to secure a better coverage. Furthermore using a hand drilling machine, a chisel and a hammer I eventually succeeded in flattening a portion of the rocky surface where I later on built an outside braai. (She complained that the braai did not fit in with the rest of the garden and of course, I had to “update” it by cementing rocks over and around it.)

We had three fish ponds built (which I also had to change, by the way). Now she was really in her element and collecting “fynbos” to supplement those already in the garden, started planting and pruning in earnest. I got more time off to tend to my hobby but under protest had to help when deemed necessary. I supported her wholeheartedly and had to admit that even at that stage the garden started looking very nice. Then she wanted a birdhouse, then a feeding house, then…….. and so it went on and on.

Eventually we ended up with a garden that, according to the many visitors we receive, is different to most others. The fynbos dominates, being indigenous and together with a variety of other plants plus the added fairies, castles etc. creates something of a dream world. We can now sit back on our front stoep, enjoy the garden, feast our eyes on the sea, watch dolphins and whales playing in the waves. I cannot relax for too long though because Marie will most certainly dream up another idea, another kind of fairy or maybe she wants a lighthouse to be built.

She gets her satisfaction from the many phrases that she writes painstakingly on rocks and pieces of driftwood and others. “This is my Farther’s world and his own design. But in His goodness He has made it mine….” This example is also what we believe.

People are adament that we should ask an entrance fee and we have since installed a donation box. It does help to cover costs, but people must know that they contribute willingly. We appreciate the sharing of ideas.

We have a garden that gives us great satisfaction, a home we are thankful for, I adore my wife and we thank God for our blessings. Donations Welcome.
Albert Potgieter