Gansbaai has a healthy and self-sustaining business community. There is also a strong Business Chamber.

A fair number of the businesses belong to Gansbaai Tourism so here you should find what you are looking for ranging from – supermarkets to services including health and beauty, photography, security and pets needs. If you need a cleaning service, a tour operator or a wedding venue – you will find it here.

If you don’t find what you are looking for contact the Bureau and we will assist you.

Gansbaai is the point of gravity of the Danger Point Peninsula area. Gansbaai is the place where the banks, petrol stations and most of the shops are. The tourism office can be found in the middle of Main Street. There are various restaurants and bars dotted around Main Street, in the backstreets and in the harbor. It is a very Gansbaai-thing to do: drink the locally brewed Birkenhead beer in a harbour-bar and watch the fishing boats return against the setting sun over Walker Bay.

Gansbaai is an unpretentious town with real people. Newcomers, guests and travelers are traditionally welcomed with open arms as long as they don’t tell the locals how to lead their lives (“I do my thing, you do yours, you are welcome”). The fierce independence of the early nomadic fishermen and the nomadic farmers, has anchored itself in the blood of the locals and is a welcome and effective barrier against the artificial elements that often go hand in hand with a developing tourism-industry. Gansbaai is strongly connected to the sea – a working fishing village that will maintain its character.