In spite of the developing tourism industry, the fishing industry is still the economical heart-beat of Gansbaai. The fleet of fishing boats and the fishmeal factory in the harbor employ a substantial number of people. Locals call the occasional typical smell from the fishmeal factory the “smell of money”. The Abalone farm, just outside Gansbaai, immediately on the shores of Danger Point Peninsula, produces this traditional local culinary delight in large quantities for the Asian market.

Body, Mind, Soul and Conservation at Platbos

Working The Body, Releasing the Mind and Conserving Nature At Platbos Reforestation Weekend. What did you do this past weekend?  Sit in front of the television?  Have a braai? Up at Platbos Nature Reserve over 600 people camped over the weekend and spent their time learning about nature, conservation and most importantly planting over 8000 native trees as part of their reforestation weekend. Platbos is a very special place, it’s one of the small pockets left of the old indigenous forest that used to cover the Overberg region with 1000 year [...]


The main reason that the Danger Point Peninsula area has become a premier nature destination is the fact that conservation of both the marine- and land-based nature has been embraced by all layers of society. Conservation in this area is not restricted to the several public nature reserves. Many private landowners have embarked on extensive alien-vegetation clearing operations as well as the restoration of indigenous vegetation and reforestation. By means of these programs, several red data species have been saved from immediate extinction. Thousands of hectares of private land have [...]

#Action against poverty Mandela Day 2017

What are your plans to make a difference for 67 Minutes on Mandela Day 2017? The Gansbaai Tourism Bureau has great things planned and we invite you to be part of and support our initiative: “Support A BARC Dog” Donate 30 minutes of your time and join us at the BARC kennels at 10h00 on Tuesday morning 18 July 2017 as we make neglected furry hearts happy by sharing much needed love and attention to these shelter animals. Food and Blanket Drive - Alternatively donate food, blankets or toys for [...]

Sunset Walk On Wheels

Sunset Walk On Wheels 85 people attended our Sunset Walk on Wheels last night. It was the perfect evening for a walk and the rain only came afterwards! We have some great sports here in Gansbaai and they dressed for the occasion! After enjoying dessert first ie jelly at the Tourism bureau all set off to Tolbos Bistro where liquid refreshments were served and photos taken. On then to the Birkenhead Boatclub for delicious hamburgers served by Tolbos Bistro, We were joined this time by a group of 10 young children from Masakhane. [...]

Sunset Walk – Fish and Chips on a Trawler

Sunset Walk – Fish and Chips on a Trawler Nor rain, nor wind, nor change of plans could dampen the spirits of folks gathering at the Gansbaai Harbour, on the 29th of August 2017 @ 18:30. With jackets, rain coats, scarfs and the sad news that we will not be able to go onto the trawlers due to the bad weather, we set off to the new harbour. Some braved the icy cold conditions and other decided to take a drive there.  On arrival at the finish point everyone collected [...]


Gansbaai Tourism is always looking for new and exciting activities and so it was decided to try a CROPPED competition as part of the Fynbos Display during the Funky Fynbos Festival. Five excited and expectant persons turned up at the venue on the 25th of September. The rules were explained – from the selection of items provided (although some brought their own as well) they were to create a fynbos arrangement in 30 minutes. Ready, steady go and amidst lots of laughter and comments they started their arrangements. Members of [...]

Action against poverty Mandela Day 2017 – A huge success

Blessed to wake up today, but even more blessed and very excited to complete the three projects that Gansbaai Tourism has taken on for #MandelaDay. Our do good day started off at 10:00 am with "Walking and supporting a BARC animal” this included walking the dogs, playing with puppies and giving love and attention to the cats. We also dropped off donations gathered by the amazing folks of Gansbaai. In conjunction with White Shark Projects, at 12pm all who wanted to join gathered with their spade in front of the Gansbaai [...]

2017 International Coastal Clean – up Day

#CoastalCleanUp with a twist, a brainchild of White Shark Projects. In conjunction with White Shark Projects, Plastics SA, PETCO and Ocean Conservancy and with the title - “Cleaning the town centre, before the rubbish gets a chance to end up in the ocean”, Gansbaai Tourism had a bumper Coastal Clean-up. Very enthusiastic and excited all 39 volunteers gathered at the Gansbaai Tourism Bureau on the 16th of September 2017 @ 12 pm. After all needed materials were handed out and a quick discussion on what to do and how to [...]

Gansbaai, a South African Fairy Tale

Gansbaai is not just another salty seaside South African town. Gansbaai is a special one; one that crawls under your skin, pours a cup of coffee for your heart and sits down for a chat with your soul. Special. I fell hook, line and sinker for Gansbaai with one sunset. But there was more. I got captivated by a cave, charmed by conservation, mesmerised by the marine life and inspired by passionate people. And that was still just the salty surface of the special seaside South African town that won a [...]

Whale Coast Residents Meet To Reduce Ocean Waste

The Cape Whale Coast is a place you can go to a municipality meeting, and the entire audience is wearing puffer vests, woollen pullovers and ugg boots. That’s because, this is a place of the sea, and we are extremely proud of our home and its animal inhabitants and want to protect it. Over 200 locals, government officials and tourism workers attended a talk by Dr Jenna Jambeck,  an Associate Professor at the College of Engineering at the University of Georgia. She specialises in global waste management issues and plastic [...]

Merry Marimba Staves Off Storm

While June storm clouds brewed outside, the merry tones of the xylophone and drums could be heard wafting up the tourism office stairs and out into the Main street of Gansbaai. Inside,  the Gansbaai Academia Marimba band was in full action, with its members beating away with smiles to match. The merry tunes were so colourful, you could be forgiven for thinking it was a spectacular sunny African day. Over 60 people joined the fundraiser and walk, which raised over ZAR 4000. This donation was used toward their expenses of [...]

#GansbaaiInColour: October Winner and November Theme

And we are at month number 3 into our  Instagram competition and we invite community and visitors to our amazing town of Gansbaai, to not keep their experience of #GanbsaaiInColour a secret but to share them with us. Thanks to all who entered the previous months, but keep the photo's coming and do not stop sharing. Blue was the colour for October and Wow what a astonishing colour it was! With amazing blue shaded photos entered we enjoyed all the eye candy - see for yourself: Penguin visits @apssza 🐧🐧 #Everybirdcounts #gansbaaiincolour A post shared by Anwynn [...]

#GansbaaiInColour: September Winner and October Theme

Two months into  our  Instagram competition and we are encouraging the community and visitors to our amazing town, to share their experience of #GanbsaaiInColour. Thanks to all who entered the previous months, but keep the photo's coming and do not stop sharing. Orange was the colour for September and what a fantastic colour it proved  to be! With loads of photos entered, from pincushions to daisies and sunsets we were in awe - here  are some of the spectacular shots taken: Gansbaai Harbour in yellow for the Funky Fynbos Festival. This is [...]

#GansbaaiInColour: August Winner and September Theme

Exactly a month ago, we launched our very first monthly Instagram competition to encourage our community and visitors to share their experience of #GanbsaaiInColour. What a successful month. Thanks to each and everyone who joined the campaign in August and please do not stop sharing! Pink proved to be a beautiful colour and we had many entrants capturing breath taking sunsets, beautiful Proteas, Erica’s and other Fynbos gems, even pink socks and hair! Here are some of the pink pleasures of Gansbaai for the month of August: [...]

Launching #GansbaaiInColour

Have you noticed, or should I say, how can you not notice, the glorious display of colour in Gansbaai in winter? The flaming red and orange sunsets, pastel pinks and purples in the sky in the mornings, the bursts of yellow of the Bitou bush and gazanias, our very own Erica in its pink glory blushing along the mountain sides. Or the azure blue and green sea, wearing its moods brightly with the unforgettable and awesome black and white of The Great White shark and Southern Right Whales, to mention [...]