Get up close to a Great White Shark

Geyser Rock, some 15 nautical miles west of the Gansbaai shore is home to approximately 60, 000 Cape Fur seals, the big attraction for the mysterious and graceful Great White Sharks earning the reputation of being “the Great White Capital of the World”TM. Alongside this island is Dyer Island, housing breeding colonies of the endangered African Penguin, Cape Gannets, and a number of species of Cormorants, along with pelagic sea birds which visit this area. Between these 2 islands is the famous Shark Alley, famous for the Great White Shark predation on the seals.

A typical white shark diving excursion takes between 3-5 hours, depending on the weather, sea conditions and shark behaviour. Trips depart from Kleinbaai harbour and anchor site depends on the sea conditions, weather and previous shark sightings. In the summer months the sightings tend to be more towards the shore and in winter the sharks tend to move to the islands where they start predating on seals.

The specially designed shark diving cage is secured to the boat at surface level so that when you are in the cage, your head and shoulders are above the water. A simple breath-hold to submerge within the cage on the instruction of the dive master provides enough time to watch as the shark swims by or engages with the bait. Scuba gear is not used or required and therefore a scuba qualification is also not a requirement. Wetsuits, bootees and mask are supplied as are towels for after the dive. Refreshments are available on the boat. The sharks are seen very well from the deck for those who do not wish to enter the water and arguably the best photographs and videos are from this vantage point.

The white sharks are here year round with the best time of year to view great white sharks is from being June to September due to better water visibility. Up to 15 sharks may be encountered per trip, so the chance s of seeing them are generally very good. This high season corresponds with the South African winter, and winter storms can prevent boats from launching so schedule a few additional days into your itinerary to give yourself the best chance of getting out to sea.

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