In spite of the developing tourism industry, the fishing industry is still a major economic driver for Gansbaai. The fleet of fishing boats and canning and fishmeal factory in the harbour employ a substantial number of people. The 3 abalone farms, just outside of Gansbaai, immediately on the shores of Gansbaai, produce this traditional culinary delight in large quantities for the Asian market.

Gansbaai is an excellent fishing spot for the outdoor enthusiast. Gansbaai also boasts two fishing harbours –Gansbaai and Kleinbaai, that are ideal for small boat launches. There is also a launching site in Franskraal, situated 4 km outside of the Gansbaai Town Centre. Good fishing spots such as die “Plaat” in Walker Bay Nature Reserve, Franskraal rocks and beach and the Uilenkraal Estuary, as well as the long sandy beaches of Pearly Beach are very popular.
A new edition is also the Walker Bay Fishing Trail that lies in the Walker Bay Nature Reserve and gives access to popular angling sites along this stretch of coast, such as Die Polle, Sopiesklip, Groot Duifklip and Klein Duifklip. A variety of marine fish are found along this coastline, including kabeljou, steenbras and the sought-after galjoen. Popular bait options include red bait, white mussel, prawn and seaworm.