“Coast of contrasts” is a cliché, but one that is highly applicable to the shores of the Gansbaai Area. As a rule of thumb, the shores to the North of Danger Point (Walker Bay) is where the Southern Right Whales hang out and the shores to the East of Danger Point (Shark Bay) is where the home and breeding grounds of the Great White Shark are. Again, as a rule of thumb, the Walker Bay coast is rocky and dotted with caves and cliffs and the Shark Bay coast exists of pristine never-ending white sand beaches. Checking a rule of thumb at any given time will often prove this rule wrong. Bays with pristine sand beaches can be found along Walker Bay and troops of whales might very well float by your side when you stroll along the sand-beach of Pearly Beach. The several never-ending white sand-beaches between Franskraal and Quoin Point extend a welcome invite for long contemplative walks. You will hardly meet a living soul and will mostly share the beach with the occasional Cape Clawless Otter, the Black Oyster Catchers and many other shore birds.


A secluded place immediately at the beach: “Buffeljagsbaai” (Buffalo-hunt bay). The impressive solidified sand dunes towering over Jesse’s bay are the reason that the locals know this place by another name: Die hohe walle (The high walls).


Situated 4 kilometres from the Gansbaai Town area. Franskraal has a long sand-beach crossing the outlet of the Uilkraals-estuary, a known birding hotspot.


A gravel road connects Kleinbaai along the rugged coast with many rockpools to the lighthouse at Danger Point. Though not very suitable for cars (even 4×4’s struggle with this road), this track along the coast is a beautiful hike. A tidal pool allows […]

Pearly Beach

The beach of Pearly Beach is famous. It starts with some rocky outcrops where one can -it seems- always spot a lonely fisherman. Soon after the rock-pools the beach becomes pure sand and continues forever. Pearly Beach is the best place in this area to […]

Stanford’s Bay

A protected cove, Stanford’s Bay, in the middle of De Kelders is perfect for swimming. This is also the place where in modern times the first permanent coastal settlement was established in the area of the Danger Point Peninsula. In 1811 Quena-descendants erected […]

The “Plaat”

One of the protected bays in the Walker Bay reserve “Die Plaat” is suitable for swimming on most days.


At the outlet of the Uilkraalsmond-estuary many people take to the water. It is ideal for long walks, swimming, picnicking and birdwatching.