Gansbaai, coast of contrast …with miles of unspoiled beaches, rocky shores and inlets and spectacular cliffs  and views across Walker Bay, nature reserves with over 1500 species of Fynbos and ancient Milkwood forests presenting endless opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts..

The Ocean provides great adventure and activities with many protected coves, bays and estuaries suitable for swimming, diving and surfing. Shark diving from the safety of a cage and whale watching from a boat, land or aeroplane provides exciting experiences for ocean lovers. Along the shore, there are several perfect fishing spots, and endless sandy beaches invite for long walks.
Gansbaai, in the heart of the Fynbos biome, home to thousands of plant-species, many of which are some of the rarest on earth and which attract many endemic species of birds and other wild life is a paradise for hiking and biking. Most of the area is protected in conservancies and reserves and activity within the area is well managed and demarcated.

So, if you prefer green over blue, the local golf course has spectacular views and there are several shorter and longer hiking, mountain bike, quad bike, horse- and 4×4 trails in the hinterland.
Gansbaai also boasts a number of fine restaurants and pubs. At it is impossible to do all this in one day, relax in one of our highly recommended accommodation establishments, listening to the sounds of nature and enjoying the spectacular sunsets.

So, whether you want to test your mettle in a remote background setting or enjoy a peaceful family-style get-away, you will find Gansbaai can meet all your needs.